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Eye Massage Device + Protection + Relaxation

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  • Product used in the form of a pair of glasses, 9 kinds of acupuncture point massage, automatic control, automatic timing control. 

    According to the high and low profile of the eye and the distribution of different points carefully designed, with 22 fingers like massage, resulting in a comfortable massage effect.

    Each time you use the eye massage instrument for more than three minutes, can effectively relax muscle and promote blood circulation.

    800 high frequency magnetic field, multi frequency vibration, effectively relieve eye fatigue, soreness, pain, dryness and other symptoms 

    Eliminate eyestrain & relax eye muscle tension Alleviate eye bags, dark circles & wrinkles Alleviate headaches, relax brain nerves & improve blood circulation

    Rechargeable or internal use 2XAAA battery 

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